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The Company

The company "I Giardini di Ravello S.n.c." arose in 1991 to turn into excellent liqueur the lemons growing on the Amalfi Coast in accordance with the recipes handed down for centuries by tradition of peasantry. In fact, the "Limoncello" appears under the name of “Rosolino al limone” in a book printed in 1400.
The workmanship for the production of our Limoncello is still that of yore: we select best lemons we harvest them and we transform them in liqueur by unmistakable taste. We peel the lemons by hand again and the ingredients are the same of the ancient recipes: sugar, alcohol, water and lemon peel.
Beside Limoncello, we produce other liqueurs, marmelade and oil with the fruits and herbs of the Divina Costiera. These products are fennel-seed liqueur, orange, myrtle, tangerine, wild straberries, olive oil and flavour oil, lemon marmelade, orange marmelade, fig marmelade and others.
The need to satisfy our customers prompt us to a continuous enlargement of the product range with “Babà al Limoncello”, Liquorice Liqueur, Lemon Cream, Melon Cream, Strawberry Cream and Concerto.

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